Pet food ingredients
United Kingdom

Pet food ingredients

We produce a wide range of fish-based pet food ingredients, which are processed and upgraded according to customer specifications at our plant in Grimsby. We produce a range of standard and custom products that we can deliver as plate-frozen blocks, fresh in dolavs, or fresh in tankers.

Dry and wet pet food ingredients

Ground products: Ground fish is a staple ingredient in both wet and dry pet food. We supply 10 mm and 4 mm fish that is a good source of protein and adds a natural structure to the final pet food product.

MDM products: Our plant in Grimsby is fully equipped with a mechanical deboning machine to remove bone from the final product. 

Whole fish: Our plate freezers are set up to allow us to freeze whole or part fish into frozen whole blocks.

Premium products: We can supply Premium emulsified products that can help improve the overall look and quality of your product. 

Frozen ingredients

To preserve freshness and make subsequent handling much easier, we supply your raw materials and ingredients in plate-frozen blocks. As part of our standard delivery service, we securely deliver plate-frozen blocks directly into your chosen site in whole or half blocks. 

Fresh ingredients

In addition to plate-frozen blocks, we also supply fresh ingredients in temperature-controlled tankers or dolavs. We are global specialists when it comes to maintaining a perfectly chilled environment for our fresh deliveries through the entire supply chain from our suppliers to our customers.