Career at BHJ

Career at BHJ

BHJ is a great place to work – a company with a global scope, but with a solid local soul. We employ more than 1100 people worldwide, and are a truly international place to work. We interact with colleagues placed across the globe on a daily basis. When we develop our business it is with great respect for the individual entities, and the local culture and way of life. So no matter where you join a BHJ facility, you will feel the local soul that we encourage to keep.

We expect you to be your own driver

With our historical roots and headquarters being located in Denmark, much of the BHJ business culture has a clear touch of informality, but in a very result-oriented style with a great belief in the motivation behind individual responsibility. Therefore, working for BHJ means a lot of individual room to play. We place a great deal of trust in our employees, and expect our people to be self-driven, action-oriented, and to interact with the colleagues in a respectful and positive way.

Lifetime experience – for some a lifelong journey

If you join BHJ, we guarantee that you will get a lifetime experience. With the right attitude, there is nothing stopping you from developing international experience, working abroad, or changing areas of responsibility across various businesses and markets. With the many opportunities within our company, it is up to you to make the most of it, and take on challenges that will make you grow and gain the adequate experience.

Good work-life balance

We take good care of our employees, and are serious about our social responsibility towards both community and people. At BHJ we respect that there is a family side to most people, and we encourage our employees to respect a good work-life balance. For some, this develops into a lifelong journey.

So we believe there is good reason behind the BHJ saying: Once our employees get here, they tend to stay.