Who we are
United Kingdom

Who we are

At BHJ UK Food, we supply a number of specialised business areas and niche markets with edible by-products worldwide. Through our extensive network of partners, we offer a full-service concept from supplier to customer, and we have highly specialised people to assist with all your requirements. From logistics, documentation and quality – BHJ is your preferred strategic partner within the meat industry.

Pork rind procurement

BHJ UK Food is a major player within pork rind procurement, sourcing fresh rinds from slaughterhouses in the UK and Ireland. All rinds are sourced under chilled food grade conditions, under strict control by the UK veterinary authorities. Pork rind is used in many applications such as gelatin, snacks, or collagen-based proteins used for meat processing. 

Edible fats 

As a by-product from the refinement of rinds, we are able to extract fine edible fats and oils that we supply to customers around the world. These fats and oils are ideal for human consumption and can be used in a variety of application areas, e.g., in the baking industry, or for frying purposes in meat manufacturing companies.

Food Trading

At BHJ UK Food we supply meat and by-products for human consumption. Through our extensive network in the slaughtering industry, we offer a full-service concept from slaughterhouse to end consumer. We supply a number of specialised business segments and niche markets with high quality edible by-products. Building on decades of experience and presence in the market, we are a preferred supplier to customers.