What we do
United Kingdom

What we do

Logistics and supply chain

As a full-service provider, our logistics department can provide a flexible and reliable solution to your transport needs. We will be able to organise this through our database of regularly used and approved hauliers to get the best and most cost-effective solution for you. As many deliveries are time and temperature sensitive, we strive to ensure that all requirements are met within the everchanging environment of the food industry. 

Food quality

It is a top priority for us to ensure the quality of the food we supply. We are Red Tractor and BRC Global Standard (BRCGS AA) for Agents and Brokers certified, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to traceability and product safety. Red Tractor certified food supplied by BHJ UK has been produced entirely in the UK and can be traced back through the supply chain to the farms it came from. The food chain assurance scheme also regulates the use of pesticides and veterinary medicines, and continuously seeks to strengthen animal welfare. In addition, we also follow the framework set by the BRCGS for Agents and Brokers to manage product safety, authenticity, quality, and legality of the foods we handle.