BHJ is owned by The Lauridsen Group, Incorporated (LGI).

LGI owns a collection of seven independent companies, each dedicated to discovering and producing products to enhance health and nutrition. From a modest start in 1916 in Dedham, Iowa, LGI has grown into a worldwide company with more than fifty manufacturing and sales locations in twenty countries.

Each company has the ability and the charge to be entrepreneurial, to seek out new markets, to develop new products and applications, and – above all – to discover new ways to add value through fractionation and novel application.

Sister companies within LGI

Essentia Protein Solutions

A market leading global company that offers a wide range of meat-based protein solutions to enhance texture, taste and nutritional value of food products within the following primary segments: meat, savoury, nutrition, and pet food.

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Proliant Biologicals

Proliant is a world-leading provider of fractioned Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) in a variety of grades. The high-purity plasma fractions are made available to diagnostic, biopharmaceutical and research customers world-wide.

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Proliant Dairy Ingredients

Manufactures cost-effective dairy solids with extreme focus on customer service support and stringent quality control standards. The company manufactures such products as whey permeate and liquid whey protein concentrate and permeate.

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American Protein Corporation (APC)

Manufactures and markets animal feed with high nutritional and health value. APC is the world's largest producer of functional proteins. From high-quality ingredients for livestock producers, feed manufacturers and pet food companies to complete animal nutrition products for end users, the company offers innovative solutions that help improve the lives of animals.

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Boyer Valley Company

Manufactures and markets processed poultry by-products, including feather meal, poultry by-product meal, blood meal and pure poultry fat. By rendering these by-products into finished commodity products, the company is able to service the pet food and animal feed industries with high-quality protein and the fertilizer industry with organic, high-nitrogen fertilizer.

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Entera Health

The focus of Entera Health is to advance human health and well-being through the use of animal protein components. EnteraGam is a bovine protein isolate that has the potential to help patients dealing with a variety of issues to ingest, digest, absorb or metabolize ordinary foodstuffs or certain nutrients.

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