Pet food ingredients

Pet food ingredients

We produce pet food ingredients made from animal raw materials, which are processed and upgraded according to customer specifications. Our products are made of pork, chicken, turkey, salmon, and beef raw materials from animals raised either conventionally or organically. We offer whole and grinded products, including coarsely minced, mechanically deboned, or emulsified ingredients, as mono- or multi-protein solutions that can be customized for specific labeling requirements. The ingredients are shipped fresh or frozen according to a schedule that fits the individual business needs of our customers.

Ingredient solutions for pet food:

  • Whole by-products as well as slurry, coarsely minced, and mechanically deboned ingredients
  • Made of pork, chicken, turkey, salmon, or beef raw materials
  • Mono- or multi-protein solutions that can be designed for specific labeling requirements
  • Shipped fresh or frozen in bins or palletized.