Food ingredients

Food ingredients

We supply a range of poultry and pork products for the food industry. At our plant in Nienburg, we produce mechanically deboned meat (MDM) made from chicken or turkey, which takes place in a separate building with a food production permission. The raw materials required for production come from poultry slaughterhouses and are transported in our own refrigerated trucks. The fresh MDM is deep-frozen in plate freezers, then palletized and kept in our own cold storage.

Poultry MDM:

  • Single variety MDM made of chicken or turkey with a 1.5 mm grain size
  • Plate-frozen in blocks of 22-25 kg
  • Produced with a best before date of 3 months
  • Delivered with a core temperature of -18 °C

We also source pork products such as pork belly, trimmings, and fat directly from slaughterhouses and cutting plants. These products are sourced under chilled food grade conditions and transported with our own trucks. After incoming inspection, the goods are deep-frozen, palletized and kept in cold storage.

Pork products:

  • Pork belly, neck fat, back fat, or trimmings
  • Frozen in blocks of 20 kg
  • Produced with a best before date of 12 months
  • Delivered with a core temperature of -18 °C
  • Tailor-made packing solutions
  • Danish, Dutch, or German origin