Our history

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Our history

BHJ is an international supplier of animal raw materials and ingredients for the pet food, food, feed, pharmaceutical, and energy industries. In Germany, BHJ is represented by two companies.

Günther Janßen Handels GmbH has continuously supplied ingredients to the pet food industry for more than 40 years and became part of BHJ in 2018. Since the acquisition, Günther Janßen has diversified to meet various demands of our petfood customers.

Sebastiano Pinzone GmbH was founded in 1978 and specialized in the procurement of meat and poultry raw materials for human consumption and further processing. The company was bought by BHJ in 2022 and now has permission to also produce pet food ingredients.

Unlocking the potential of animal by-products

Guided by our mission and supported by an innovative mindset, we unlock the potential of animal by-products, for the benefit of our business partners. When doing business with BHJ, you not only draw on decades of expertise and knowhow, but also on our global sourcing network.

We started in 1969 and ever since it has been our mission to create value in the meat and fish industry by finding the right home for various by-products. In our view, by-products are valuable raw materials with unsurpassed potential.

From the very beginning, we have specialized in sourcing and upgrading animal by-products to add value in many different industries. By making sure that by-products are used in a proper way, we also generate value for society. To us, this is doing good while doing business.

We are not just a supplier, but a long-term business partner offering global access to animal raw materials, ingredients, and value-added solutions supported by efficient and quality-assured business processes.