Palatability enhancers / digests

Palatability enhancers / digests

Enhancing your pet food brand

Our palatability concept will enhance your pet food brand considerably and provide you with:

  • optimal palatability and feed preference
  • high and consistent quality based on fresh raw materials
  • reliable and dedicated service.

Using our palatants in your cat and dog pet food improves the taste and aroma of your products, resulting in optimal palatability and feed preference. Our palatants are developed to meet the special preferences of cats and dogs. Therefore, our palatants are all tested by professional dog and cat taste panels and generally get top rankings.

Our formulas are produced from fresh raw materials of animal origin, except from our veggie digest, and produced in our advanced plants in Denmark and Spain. When producing the palatants our dedicated process operators ensure conformity between production and our strict standard procedures, securing high consistent quality by every batch.


Quotation marks Our palatants are all tested by professional dog and cat taste panels and generally get top rankings

Apart from palatants specially designed for cats and dogs, we also offer tailor-made digests for claim purposes. Having access to a wide range of different species and raw material, we have all opportunities of making a special digest to fit into your new pet diet. Your idea is our making!

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R&D at the core of efficient digests

With our in-depth knowledge and extensive research, we shape the future of palatability enhancement in close cooperation with external and internal specialists. Our professional R&D team converts science, knowledge and new ideas into excellent palatability solutions, ensuring optimal feed preference.

Approved for third countries

Several of our palatants are approved for export to several third countries.