Corporate Social Responsibility

BHJ has a set of values that reflects our attitude and behavior in our everyday life. We build our business on close and long-term relationships with customers and suppliers. Respect for individuals plays an important role in our basic values and we find it natural to act in a proper and ethical manner. Our companies are committed to operate in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. This means that our business partners and employees can rely on us to comply with the following:

1. Human rights
We support and respect protection of internationally proclaimed human rights.

2. Equal opportunities
We are against discrimination based on ethnic or national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age or political affiliation.

3. Freedom of association
We uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining.

4. Forced labour
We are against forced labour, and our employees are employed of their own free will.

5. Child labour
We do not support child labour, and we maintain documentation in our personnel files showing the date of birth of each employee.

6. Remuneration and working hours
We comply with applicable laws and industry standards on remuneration and working hours.

7. Working environment
We aim at a physically and mentally strong working environment and build our cooperation on true respect for and interest in one another. We comply with applicable laws pertaining to health and safety in the workplace.

8. Employee retention and development
We recognize that the involvement of our employees contribute to the future success of the business.
We are continuously developing employee competences to comply with job requirements.

In case of long-term illness, we are in a close dialogue with the employee to retain her/him in the job. We aim to support employees in case of personal crises.

9. Environmental responsibility
We conduct our daily business in an environmentally responsible manner and show optimum consideration for the environment when planning new activities.

10. Social commitment
We recognize the importance of a constructive collaboration in the society. Our code of conduct is based on respect and responsibility.

Our code of conduct is based on respect and responsibility.

11. Private information
We ensure that gathering of private information is solely for the purpose of business use and is stored and handled according to local legislation.

12. Anti-corruption
We do not accept the occurrence of bribery, kickbacks or facilitation payment in any form in connection with our business transactions or activities. Besides, we do not participate in money laundering or financing of terrorism.

13. Whistleblowing
BHJ allows all employees, business partners or any other stakeholder to report observations of illegal or unethical misconduct or serious or sensitive concerns that could have adverse impact on people, environment, or business performance of the company.

All reports remain confidential, except reports from countries where anonymous reporting is prohibited by law.

For any serious or sensitive concern of business or behavioral misconduct within BHJ, that cannot be resolved by local management, please report either by clicking this secure link or call HR Director in BHJ A/S at +45 7435 1138.

14. Compliance
BHJ aims to live up to the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) Base Code in every aspect of our activities. ETI exists to improve working conditions in global supply chains.

Compliance with this policy including the ETI Base Code and local and international laws is mandatory. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action up to termination of employment or business relationship with BHJ.