Preferred strategic partner

Preferred strategic partner

We want to be a preferred strategic partner for our industry partners. We want to open ourselves, our mission and company strategy to our partners, and we aim to be a valuable part of your supply chain and your business strategy.

When we achieve that together, we can fulfill our goal and provide you with the competitive edge you need and look for in today’s consumer reality. Being your preferred strategic partner also means being able to challenge each other to push forward, to see new opportunities and to add value.

At BHJ, we can source and deliver standard products like chicken or pork livers and pork rinds effectively from a to b – just in time. We do so globally every single day. It is high volume, and the supply chain has to be lean. You have to know, what you are doing. It is all about everyday effectiveness and focus in your setup and processes.

Being the preferred strategic partner

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Being a preferred strategic partner also means offering complex special solutions and the more project-oriented premium products.

  • Specialty products
    Using our extensive global network of suppliers, BHJ will source exactly what you need including a wide range of animal protein materials. Also, we specialize in mixing meat blends of different ingredients / species to satisfy specific customer demands.

  • Exotic label products
    Today, consumers are demanding more and more new, certified labels. Whether it will be organic, free range, fresh, natural, no added…., grain free, x % meat, special species or something else, BHJ will help you develop a certified raw material stream for your branded product.

  • Seasonal products
    Seasonal products can be difficult to master. We will help you handle the risk, and we will secure availability of the right raw materials through our global network of suppliers.

  • Elimination of foreign bodies
    At BHJ, we are doing everything we can to eliminate foreign bodies in our raw materials. Every day we work with in our processing lines and with our suppliers to offer unrivalled quality to our clients.


Quotation marks Being a preferred strategic partner also means offering complex special solutions and the more project-oriented premium products.

Being a strategic partner means being able to deliver what you need – when and how you need it. To achieve that we often handle the raw materials on-site in close cooperation with our suppliers and in strict accordance with the specifications from our clients. Innovation is the key differentiator for BHJ.

We continuously develop new ways of upgrading the raw materials and increasing value. Whether it is completely new types of raw material, customized sizes, new types of packaging, logistics solutions, supply chain control or something else, we work directly with the supplier to create the optimum solution for each product and each delivery.