Statement from BHJ Executive Management on novel coronavirus-COVID19


BHJ has a long history as an international supplier of meat and fish raw materials for the food and pet food industries. BHJ is headquartered in Denmark and is a subsidiary of The Lauridsen Group, Inc. (LGI), a US company. We have processing facilities and offices in Asia, Europe, North America and South America where we employ a total of more than 900 employees.

More than 50 years of increasing value in the meat and fish industries
BHJ was founded in 1969 with the primary objective of sourcing and processing raw materials from Danish slaughterhouses and fish producers for the food and pet food industries. During the 1970s, BHJ expanded into meat trading activities, manufacturing of functional animal proteins for food, processing lines for the meat processing industry, and transport services. Internationalization set in during the 1980s with the establishment of subsidiaries and an international network of suppliers. 

At the end of the 1990s, BHJ decided to focus on the core business areas, and non-core activities were divested. BHJ was listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange in 1998 and de-listed in 2004, when LGI acquired the company. Until the end of 2014, BHJ was a company with two successful business areas: BHJ Ingredients focusing on functional proteins and stock ingredients, and BHJ Meat and by-products focusing on distribution and processing of raw materials for the food and pet food industries. 

Today however, BHJ's Ingredients business has been merged with Proliant – another Lauridsen company – into a new worldwide brand – Essentia Protein Solutions.

Consequently, BHJ’s core business now is meat and fish raw materials for the food and pet food industries.

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