Other industries

Other industries

BHJ Finland sources animal raw materials and ingredients for both the fur feed industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

Raw materials for the fur feed industry

Animal raw materials of category 2 and 3, such as salmon offcuts, whitefish, chicken carcasses and pork pulp are excellent as ingredients in fur feed - and we specialize in sourcing these ingredients for our business customers. As we are part of the larger BHJ group, we can also offer tailor-made fur feed blends by drawing on specialist competencies located elsewhere in the BHJ group.

Raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry

Based on our extensive partner network, we can supply a range of animal raw materials and ingredients to the pharmaceutical industry, such as cartilage, chicken combs, uteri, gallstones, plasma, thymus glands, pancreas, bile, rennet and hemoglobin. All products are extracted, processed and handled in accordance with the highest local and international safety standards.