Dry pet food ingredients

Dry pet food ingredients

We supply a wide range of animal raw materials and ingredients used in pet food – all made from fresh animal raw materials. For the dry pet food industry, we supply:

Natural palatability enhancers that enhance the palatability of dry pet food. Our palatants are designed to meet the special preferences of dogs and cats, resulting in optimal taste, feed preference and affinity towards your pet food product.

Processed animal proteins (PAPs) that can be used in livestock feed and pet food. PAPs are an excellent source of protein and are particularly suitable for carnivorous pets as they need a diet rich in protein.

Animal fats that can be used in different applications such as livestock feed and dried pet food. Our fats are well suited for these applications because they provide the essential fatty acids needed for optimal growth.

Nutritious single and multi-species meat slurries with a viscosity that allows for easy handling and further processing in production.