Are you a professional food buyer looking for fresh, crispy chicken feet for your Asian catering company? First-class halal slaughtered chicken breasts for your Muslim customers? Delicious ready-made dishes for your supermarket chain? Fresh and well-preserved pancreas for your insulin production? Or deodorized lard for your production of fried food or pastries?  

We've got it all. And much more. In fact, we challenge you to come up with suggestions we can't supply - as long as we're talking meat or by-products for human consumption.

Full-service concept
Through our extensive network in the slaughtering industry we offer a global, full-service concept from slaughterhouse to end consumer.

Building on many years of partnerships and experience, we have become a preferred partner to our customers and look forward to serving you as well!

Consumer products


Looking for new fast rotating food brands? These brands will upgrade your frozen assortment.

Agadeer™. Our well-established halal brand. A fine and wide assortment of chicken products. All chickens are slaughtered according to Islamic rites and certified by ICC. See the brochure here.

Gold Salam™. Our new halal brand. A delicious range of freshly produced quality meat products. All competitively priced and halal-certified. See the brochure here.

FamilyCuisine™. A fine selection of turkey consumer products. The brand is fast growing with new products constantly in the pipeline. Visit the website here.

All our products are developed in close cooperation with our customers and business partners, and we have the necessary flexibility to meet your demands. We offer a wide range of chicken, turkey and beef products, delivered frozen in professionally developed consumer packaging for wholesalers or directly to the retail shops and supermarkets.

Implementing our brands in your frozen assortment of meat products will lift your range. Call us and learn how. 

FamilyCuisine products
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Product catalogue - Agadeer
Product catalogue - GoldSalam
Product catalogue - FamilyCuisine



Edible by-products
No matter where in the world you are situated, BHJ is an ideal partner for your company. We are one of the leading international collectors and distributors of animal by-products worldwide. Through our Food trading department you can buy meat and by-products for human consumption all over the world.

Adapt to culture and taste
As eating cultures vary from one region of the world to another, by-products often play an important role as a specialty ingredient in different regional dishes. As an example, pig's ears in chili sauce is a highly popular dish in China, while ribs is a popular dish at restaurants in Europe.

Other by-products such as pork liver, kidneys, tongues and hearts are also becoming increasingly popular as they are both affordable and a very healthy part of the daily nutrition.

Meat cuts
Besides our key focus on edible by-products, we are also able to supply any kind of fresh or frozen meat cut. With a special focus on pork, beef and poultry cuts, we deliver high-quality meat cuts to customers all over the world.

BHJ – a strong service partner
Based on our strong network of certified slaughterhouses, deboning plants and collectors, we secure that our products meet the highest standards within food quality and safety.

Through decades we have built a valuable know-how within international trade and logistics, making us a competitive and secure choice when you are looking for a meat and by-products procurement service partner.

Contact us to learn more on how we can develop a business together.

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Product catalogue - Meat cuts
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First-class raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry
If you are in the pharmaceutical industry you know that consistent, on-time delivery of first-class material is paramount to running a smooth production – and profitable business. At BHJ Pharma we know how to fill this role in the value chain. We collect and process animal by-products to a wide variety of customers within the pharmaceutical industry, and we have made it our special competence to find and refine the exact raw materials needed.

Long-term partnerships and specialty products
Through our direct access to a global network, we offer specialty products based on animal by-products from the meat and by-product industry. Our long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers have made it possible to build a wide range of specialty products, which we today supply in the exact quality demanded to match the production processes within the pharmaceutical industry.

Highest safety standard
All products apply to the highest standards within food safety and are distributed in chilled or frozen condition. For decades we have built know-how within international trade and logistics, making us a competitive and secure choice when selecting your by-product procurement partner.

Products and applications
The applications of animal by-products into the pharmaceutical industry are many. For decades, certain by-products have been used to extract valuable ingredients, playing a crucial role in developing medicines. Our most commonly used raw materials are pancreas for insulin production, mucosa and plasma for blood treatment of various kinds and cartilage for arthritis treatment products. Also, we supply the raw materials used for enzyme production in for instance the dairy industry.

Contact us to learn more about our first-class ingredients for modern pharmaceutical production.

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Fats and Rinds


Rind procurement
If you are in the market for pork rinds, BHJ is an ideal partner as we are a major player within that field. We buy fresh rinds from EU approved slaughterhouses. All rinds are sourced under chilled ambience and food grade conditions under strict control by the relevant veterinary authorities.

Rind is one of the primary raw materials in the manufacturing processes of collagen-based proteins, used for meat processing, gelatine or snacks. Our customers in these industries rely on us to supply them with rinds on a just-in-time basis. 

Contact us so we can have a talk about your specific need for rinds.

Animal fats
Looking for premium animal based fats? In that case the BHJ knowledge base within sourcing, production, refining and use of animal fats is a unique expertise that will definitely add value to your business. Through our extensive network of subsidiaries and distributors, the high quality fats from BHJ are marketed all over Europe as well as in Asia.

BHJ fats are used for human consumption in a variety of applications. For example in the bakery industry, in meat manufacturing companies for frying purposes, or for direct use in private household cooking.

BHJ fats are also used in the chemical industry for personal care products and for the feed industry.

Let’s have a talk about your requirements.

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Fats and rinds catalogue - The fat book on fats